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Course Instructor

MEI (Hons), Grad Cert (Learning & Teaching), B.Eng (Hons)

Tobi Nagy

Founder of BCF Coaching Academy, educator, entrepreneur, and business coach. Helping people develop their entrepreneurial leadership skills and transform their thinking, enabling them to build successful businesses. Over 25 years experience in business and founded a number of successful businesses in areas such as energy, commodities, food, tourism and fashion. Including over 18 years in advisory and mentoring to other businesses and a decade in developing and teaching entrepreneurship, business and digital marketing courses at leading universities and institutions in Australia. LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tobinagy/

Interview in Jan 2020 with Tobi Nagy Founder of BCF Coaching Academy on FBC TV Breakfast Show

Discussing the importance of entrepreneurship in Fiji (Video link: https://bit.ly/2Siext6)

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Recent interview with Tobi Nagy Founder of Business Coaching Fiji on FBC TV Breakfast Show


Here is what our students have said about the course

Bert Verhoeven

Associate Professor and Program Director Innovation and Enterprise Flinders University, Adelaide

Tobi has been teaching startup and social entrepreneurship classes for many years. As the convenor of the units I can recommend Tobi as a strong teacher and mentor/coach, knowledgeable, reliable and flexible with great student feedback.

Isaac Underwood

Entrepreneur and Student

This is very affordable for whats it is worth!! With the changing economic tides, inflation/devaluation, unpredictable governments and the increasing gap between living costs and working class income, I think it has become an unfair game between people in power and the average working class (Tax Payers) Thanks to Tobi and his team for setting this up for new upcoming entrepreneurs like myself. Highly recommended. "We go to school to learn to work hard for money. I write books and create products that teach people how to have money work hard for them." Robert Kiyosaki

Dalma Tulele


Absolutely enjoyed this course. Tobi is a brilliant lecturer, he was engaging and spot on in all the topics covered, his team were very helpful and friendly. Most importantly the course is affordable! highly recommend BCF Coaching Academy.

Theresa Daunoco


OUTSTANDING JOB Tobi!!! It is one of the most affordable courses I've been to. The content of the course was clear, thorough, and precise. Hats off to the instructor for the constructive yet enjoyable lessons. It has motivated me into starting my own business. I'm glad I attended this course! Thank you Tobi & the team. It was such a wonderful experience! 💯

Wendy K Soqolala


To the very core of business... Course is affordable. Tobi is fun yet concise, The staff are so down to earth and very friendly. Course is for anyone who can take risk and be on the highway... SUPERB & BRILLIANT

David Barnes

Entrepreneur and Student

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!, Great Team working together to help you fulfill your business dreams, empowering you with the necessary tools and knowledge to get you started Would highly RECOMMEND.

Orion Engleton

Entrepreneur and Student

Just a few weeks into Tobi’s Entrepreneurship Coaching course and I’m already grateful for the information, insights presented and learned. Tobi distills his years of experience for you into understandable points and gets to the core of ideas on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. He gets to what matters most. Emphasizing class participation and making sure that we grasp the concepts is a big part of why the value you get from this class is worth way more the cost. I look forward to the each class.

John William Rounds


I've been twice already now and looking forward to going again tomorrow. For those of you who want to start up a business or already have one going n finding you stuck in a way. I recommend you have to do this business coaching course. You definitely will learn a lot and the vibes you get from the tutor and the staff is very positive.

Dr. Gerrit Anton de Waal

Senior Lecturer at RMIT University, Melbourne

I've worked with Tobi in the university environment for several years now and have come to know him as a passionate and excellent lecturer. Most recently he taught in one of my RMIT courses and I thought it best to include here a few quotations from anonymous student feedback received via the formal student course assessment system, to demonstrate my points: "Tobi was an absolute legend and a very interesting tutor." "Tobi has been one of my favourite tutors to date. He made the tutorials interesting by basing the content around his real-life anecdotes. I respect his laid back attitude and at the same time his ability to keep the class structured. Good work Tobi, give the man a pay rise!" "Tobi made the course engaging and practical. He could relate many theories to everyday entrepreneurship. Also he used the case studies to help us understand the concepts more." "Tobi was an excellent lecturer. I enjoyed his classes the most. The content he covered was very interesting and useful for my future." "Tobi was awesome."

Debbie Pratt

Program Manager at Australian College of the Arts, Melbourne

Tobi Nagy has been employed as a sessional lecturer for the Fashion degree programs at Box Hill Institute over the last few years. Tobi brings a wealth of knowledge in Entrepreneurship, Business planning and Marketing to his role as a sessional lecturer. Tobi is a committed and passionate educator who strives to get the most from his students. He has an engaging teaching style and the ability to make all subjects enjoyable and interesting. Tobi consistently achieves high survey evaluation ratings from his students and he is a pleasure to work with.

Video Testimonial

Testimonial of Luke Grimstrup- client of Startup Fundamentals Program

Watch Intro Video

VIDEO: Introduction to our courses and program from Tobi Nagy

Entrepreneur and Founder of BCF Coaching Academy


  • Who is this program for?

    Our program is for anyone that is wanting to start their own business quickly and effectively. You may or may not have an idea already or you may have many ideas that you want to test. You will learn how to systematically test and validate your idea to create a business model that is unique AND valuable, so you are able to successfully build a market-dominant position.

  • What if I don't have any experience in entrepreneurship?

    Having little or no experience doesn't matter as you will be learning all the fundamentals through the tried and tested process we have put together.

  • What if I already have a successful business and want to test another idea?

    If you already have a successful business, then we can create a customized program for you to help you test and validate your idea quickly, safely, and effectively, so you can save time and money getting to the market, and also opportunity costs.

  • What is the outcome of the program?

    At the end of the program, you will have developed an MVP to determine if your business idea is worth pursuing, or whether to kill it or pivot it. You will also have built a solid business model to take to the market. After completion of this program, you will also become an expert in the Lean Startup and the Customer Discovery Process, so you can test and validate any idea, that comes to you, quickly and efficiently.

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