Who is this Program for?

This program is for anyone that is thinking about launching their idea for a business and wants to test and validate it before spending their life's savings on a business that might fail. It is also for anyone that is wanting to be an entrepreneur, but doesn't have any firm ideas yet (or maybe have many ideas they want to test first).

  • What You Will Achieve

    You will learn to effectively test and validate your idea quickly and efficiently so that you don't waste time, money, and opportunity cost, building a product or service that has no need or demand.

  • Our Process

    We have a 4-stage step-by-step process where you will learn how to: 1) Develop and/or evaluate your business idea 2) Build your business model and your prototype 3) Create experiments to test and validate your idea 4) Create a go-to-market strategy, so you can launch your business.

  • Our Promise

    To optimize your results, we provide facilitation and support from experienced coaches and entrepreneurs, who will guide and mentor you along the way. This ensures you are never alone on your journey.

Our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the course, within 14 days of purchasing the course, please send us an email telling us why, and we will refund your money in full, (less any bank fees).