What you will learn from this Program

This is a hands-on online coaching program, where you are provided support from an experienced startup entrepreneur and coach, who will help guide you to test and validate your MVP or Prototype with your customers and prospects before you launch, so that you are able to provide a product/service that customers really want and love.

  • Learn Testing and Validating Processes

    You will learn various testing methodologies and processes to be able to provide valuable customer insights.

  • Coaching and Support

    This course is very hands-on and if you have an existing project(s), or business, you will be able to develop it in class, through the program (but if you don't have a project, it doesn't matter, you can team up with others).

  • Develop your Growth Roadmap

    Once successfully validated, we will work with you to help you develop a growth roadmap for your business.